Methodology (by @dimiexter aka d4e5v8)

1) Get all 8 (Eight) lanyards - yes there are _eight_ lanyards. There are two families of 4, identified by two words written in Korean on top of the signs. Those words mean Vertical and Horizontal. In the middle, the code are 4 decimal digit numbers encoded in Monk Cipher numeral system (search the web). At the bottom are numbers using chinese characters. Pay attention to a few things: a) there are TWO "4" lanyards with different 4 digits codes in the middle, b) one and four chinese numbers mean 14, c) two one chinese number mean 11 (not 2)

2) learn how to read the monk cipher (web)

3) the lanyards need to be organized in order to generate a 4 by 4 matrix (vertical and horizontal - got it now ?) of 16 monk codes. In order to find the proper way to organize the lanyard.... "focus on the numbers" - 1057 quote. Write the numbers in binary code (8 4 2 1 horizontal, rotate clockwise for vertical). You need to organize the lanyard so that the matrix is complete with 16 1 and no overlap (ie each of the 4 cell (code) of a lanyard that would have a 1 in binary code (number of the lanyard) would need to be on top of a 0 from the other lanyard).

4) Get all the monk code that correspond to the 16 "1 bit", decode the monk cipher, group in blocks of 2 decimal digits and convert to ASCII